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Crystal Kit for AQUARIUS Independent, Unique, Idealistic, Intelligent This kit contains 5 powerful crystals that will help support and balance the sun sign Aquarius. Keep the crystal bag close to you, can be carried in your bag, your pocket, tuck under your pillow, or use them individually as needed. Plus bonus 30ml Protection Clearing spray (unique blend of essential oils infused with crystals to uplift your environment & clear negative energies before and after meditation and spiritual work.) 


It is important to cleanse your crystals when you receive them before use. Kit contains 5 medium to large tumblestones: Amethyst, Hematite, ruby, turquoise/howlite and rose quartz, information card on crystals and information on the best ways to cleanse your crystals. Plus bonus 30ml Protection Clearing spray.

Crystal kit for AQUARIUS, plus bonus 30ml protection spray - unique, idealistic

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