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Green Moss Agate Crystal BraceletAbundance ~ Confidence ~ Appreciation ~ Colds & Flu ~ Fertility Plants ~ Protects AuraMOSS AGATE STONES, THREADED ON ELASTICApprox. 5.5cm/55mm - inner circumference before stretchingMoss Agate can create harmony in your life. The crystal’s energy will inspire hope and trust and make you feel confident. The grounding influence will help you maintain your connection to the earth. It will help you achieve a spiritual understanding and an appreciation for everything you have in your life. Moss Agate is said to bring abundance, success & prosperity. It is anti-inflammatory and helps treat infections and swelling, colds and flu, and helps boost your immune system. It releases fear and deep-seated stress. Promotes the healthy growth of plants. It will protect your aura from negativity. It can help to remove negative blockages that are holding you back.

Green Moss Agate Crystal Bracelet Abundance~Confidence~Appreciation~Colds & Flu

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