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A pendulum is a tool that is used to connect to your higher self and ‘source’ all you need is a pendulum or a crystal/weighted object on a chain. 

Just like other forms of divination using a pendulum is a great way of tapping into your intuition and gaining a better connection with your higher self - your own inner wisdom. If you want to make sure you get an authentic reading you need to program your pendulum to connect to your higher self then every time you go to use it you say, ‘I am connecting to my higher self with this pendulum’ 

There are added healing benefits using a crystal pendulum. For example  ~ using an Amethyst crystal will assist in opening your intuition.  

Clearing your Crystal Pendulum

Crystals absorb energy. You need to clear the energy of your crystal by putting it out in the moonlight or the sun overnight or a day. Pass through sage smoke – always with the intention of clearing any negativity. You can also use sound e.g. drums, rattles etc. Repeat cleansing every now and then or more regularly if you are using for healing purposes.

Spiritual Protection

The more you practice any type of spiritual work the more you need to be aware about grounding and protecting your space and yourself before you start. You may already have your own way of doing this otherwise here is an example:-

Sit back and relax. Taking a few deep breaths, visualizing breathing in beautiful white light energy and exhaling anything negative such as negative thoughts, tension, stress, anxious feelings. Then imagine that you have grounding roots growing from the bottom of your feet that extend to the core of the earth. Now visualize brilliant white light flowing down from the divine that goes through your crown chakra, down through your body down into your grounding roots and into the earth. Now extend the white light out past your aura creating a sphere or protection bubble around you. Spend a few moments feeling the energy that is now surrounding you, keeping you safe. Now you are ready to begin!

Programming your Pendulum

Hold your pendulum in your hand, place over your heart and say ‘I ask my higher self to connect to my crystal pendulum that I am holding now, I am programming my pendulum to my higher self. Then visualize a white cord coming down from your higher self and coming into the body and coming down and out your hand and into the pendulum. 

Now hold your pendulum at the top end of the chain with the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand, letting it hang straight down and wait for it to stop moving. Hold it out in front of your heart and ask ‘what is my YES’.  Hold the pendulum up and wait for it to swing and see what direction it goes in. Then hold the pendulum and ask it to show you ‘what is my NO’. Then ask show it to show you maybe (or I don’t know). For example, my pendulum swings in a clockwise direction when the answer is YES and an anti-clockwise when the answer is NO. Straight up and down for ‘I DONT KNOW’.

Spend a bit of time asking different questions you know the answer to. For example is my dog’s name Jack? Am I 24 or 26 or go through the numbers until you get to the right answer, and so on.


Ask specific questions. Rather than asking ‘should I take this job’ - when you will get a plain yes or no. Ask ‘is this job for my highest good’. Or rather than ‘should I marry John’ ask ‘is marrying John for my highest good’? Don’t forget that ‘my highest good’ may take you down a path of growth and expansion so it may not be the wonderful experience you think it will be.

Try not to control the pendulum with your will. Especially If it is an emotionally charged question, in other words when you want a specific outcome you can control the pendulum. For example – in matters of the heart you may want so much for the pendulum to give you a certain answer, you can influence the pendulum to swing a certain way. With these types of questions try looking away from the pendulum or even giving it to someone else while you ask the question.

Clearing Energy & Healing

You can ask your pendulum to clear the energy in a space, or your own energy field or a specific chakra for example. Hold in your dominant hand and ask to cleanse and clear this space of anything that is not of the highest good. If you don’t get a lot of movement, there is not much to clear in that area. Hold and ask the pendulum to cleanse and clear your heart chakra or your energy field. Your intentions will move and transform energy for you. So, if you are going to use this tool for any additional work other than YES/NO answers such as clearing a space you will have to take some extra steps for clearing the pendulum, otherwise it will get weighted down in energy and will not work properly.  

Finally, a pendulum is a tool just like oracle cards or a crystal ball, and you need to be mindful to form a healthy attachment. In other words, don’t become completely dependent on your pendulum as you don’t want to ignore your own inner guidance by relying on this tool too often.

I hope you have found this article useful... Love & Light Sue

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