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Manifesting with the New Moon

Every 28 to 30 days we have the opportunity to pause and reflect and think about what we would like to manifest into our lives for the month ahead. The new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle – new moons bring in 'New Beginnings'. Working with the magic of the moon cycles can be very rewarding as it can empower us to make the right decisions to help us move forward in a more positive way. The new moon offers us an opportunity to think about what we would like to bring into our lives in the way of work, friendship, romance, family matters, health and so on. It also enables us to think about what has been holding us back and gives us the opportunity to release any negativity in our lives that no longer serves us.   


Unless you already know, think about what you would like to bring into your reality, what you would like to change to make your life a more positive experience. You can sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed, light a candle, or just close your eyes and meditate/relax. Remember that new moons are about new beginnings so this may be the perfect opportunity to apply for a new job or start that new project.


Candles, matches, paper (journal) pen, fireproof container, crystals, sage, tarot or oracle cards, any decoration to beautify the area (optional) or ornaments such as angels or buddha that represent a higher power to you.


If all you have is a small table or bench/shelf that is sufficient. Before you begin, pick a time you know you will not be disturbed, so turn off phones or any other distractions. Start by cleansing the area, with sage, protection spray, or diffuse essential oils, have the intention of clearing this area of any negativity. Light your candles. Three white candles are good to transmute negative energy. You can also use coloured candles that go with your intention.

e.g. a green candle to attract wealth, red for passion and so on.


Now it’s time to sit quietly and ground and bring protection around you. There are different ways you can do this, here is an example- 

Taking a few deep breaths, visualizing breathing in beautiful white light energy and exhaling anything negative such as negative thoughts, tension, stress, anxious feelings. Then imagine that you have grounding roots growing from the bottom of your feet that extend to the core of the earth. Now visualize brilliant white light flowing down from the divine that goes through your crown chakra, down through your body down into your grounding roots and into the earth. Then extend the white light out past your aura creating a sphere or protection bubble around you.  


Now it is time to take pen and paper and list your goals. 

If you have more than one what is your intention behind each goal? Be realistic and only list what you can actually 

achieve in the coming month. Write things down in the present tense like you already have achieved your dream.


Now take some time for meditation or visualization as it is an important step during a ritual. You need to imagine/visualize how you are going to make this seed of intention come to life! The steps you will take to get there, for example if you are going for a new job. Sending through your resume, following up with phone calls. Then see yourself at your new job each day, making new friends, enjoying the work, making a difference in your community and most importantly how does it make you feel? Feel, taste smell anything that makes the visualization more real for you. See yourself receiving the things you are manifesting and tap into these feelings often. Just believe its yours! One way or another the universe will provide!


I always like to divine a simple 3 card spread for new and full moon rituals. You can use the questions below or make up your own.

Card 1. What is my heart’s true desire?

Card 2. What do I need to release to make room so I can bring this into my reality?

Card 3. What do I need to focus on for the universe to deliver my intentions?


Finally release your intentions to the universe with love. You can speak your intentions out load to the new moon and then burn your paper 

and let the ashes scatter (be sure to be responsible and use a fireproof container for any fires). Or you can simply put them in a safe 

place and read them again nearing the end of the month to see if you are on track. This is up to you.

I hope you have found this article helpful.

With Love & Light...Sue    

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