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Full moons are a time for celebration, a time of releasing and receiving!

The full moon happens every month halfway through the lunar cycle. The new moon marks the beginning of the cycle and

2 weeks later the moon is at its fullest and brightest. This is a time where our fears, limiting belief systems, can no longer hide

in the shadows as they did with the new moon. This is a time where we need to identify what is no longer serving us, so we can release

anything that is holding us back. Then we can make room for the new intentions we manifested at the time of the new moon.

It's a good idea to be aware of the zodiac sign that will be affecting 

the moon as each full moon is different. For example, if the

full moon was in the water sign of Cancer the energy would be more emotional, and our connections with home/family

would be our priority, if it was in the fire sign of Leo the energy 

would be more about power, 

leadership, and passion. You may also like to use 

crystals that align with that zodiac sign as well


Candles, matches, pieces of paper, pen, fireproof container, crystals, sage, tarot or oracle cards, any decoration to beautify the area (optional) or statues such as angels, buddha or whatever represents a higher power to you.


If all you have is a small table or a bench/shelf that is sufficient. Before you begin, pick a time you know you will not be disturbed, so turn off phones or any other distractions. Start by cleansing the area, with sage, protection spray, or diffuse essential oils, have the intention of clearing this area of any negativity. Light your candles and prepare the area. 

Three white candles are good to transmute negative energy. 


Now it’s time to sit quietly and ground and bring protection around you. There are different ways you can do this, here is an example-

Sit back and relax. Taking a few deep breaths, visualizing breathing in beautiful white light energy and exhaling anything negative such as negative thoughts, tension, stress, anxious feelings. Then imagine that you have grounding roots growing from the bottom of your feet that extend to the core of the earth. Now visualize brilliant white light flowing down from the divine that goes through your crown chakra, down through your body down into your grounding roots and into the earth. Then extend the white light out past your aura creating a sphere or protection bubble around you.


Now it is time to take pen and paper and sit for a few moments and list what you intend to release from your life. Best on separate pieces of paper. What outdated thought patterns, old habits, limiting beliefs do you want gone from your life, fear, grief ? This can also include relationships or even jobs that can be holding you back.

When you are ready, light your cauldron or fire proof container and as you burn the paper say something like:- 

“I now release ………………. to the universe with love, and so it is."

 (be sure to be responsible and use a fireproof container for any fires)


Sit for a few moments in meditation/visualisation and let go of all the negative feelings and emotions that you have just put into the fire. Watch them float away to the universe. Imagine that your situation is now lighter and brighter, and you are now able to release any negative emotions so you can manifest your goals.

Note: This is not the time to manifest any new projects, you need to focus on bringing to fruition the seeds you planted at the time of the new moon. 



I always like to finish up and divine a simple 2 or 3 card spread for new and full moon rituals. 

You can use the questions below or make up your own.

Card 1. What am I releasing?

Card 2. What am I receiving?

Finally finish the ritual by giving gratitude and love to the universe! 

I hope you have found this article helpful

Love & Light ...Sue

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