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Welcome 2024 - Universal Year Number 8

The universal year number, is the number that influences humanity as a whole.  This number is important as it shows what type of energy will be influencing the collective. You calculate this by adding all the numbers in the year and reducing it to a single digit. 

2024 (2+0+2+4+ = 8) The year 2024 vibrates to the number 8.

An 8 Universal year ~ Karmic Justice and Power. Business, career, finances and legal matters are all part of a universal year 8, so expect change in these areas on a global level. This is also a time of the people taking back their power, we can no longer have this imbalance in power around the planet! 2024 is a year of hope, growth, expansion, prosperity, and success. A year of empowerment, manifestation and taking action!. 



Your personal year is a 9 year cycle of personal growth and influences the types of lessons you will experience for that year. Each number in numerology has a unique energy. To find your personal year number simply add your month and day of birth to the universal year number.

For example – someone born on 25th September 2 + 5 + 9 (+ 8 for the universal year) = 24/6.  They would be in a 6 personal year for 2024.

Note - numbers 11, 22 & 33 are known as master numbers and are not reduced to a single digit - e.g. someone born on on 11th November 

= 11+11 (+8 for the universal year) = 30/3 

They would be in a 3 personal year


Depending on what personal year cycle you are in each cycle reflects opportunities for that year. For example, if you are in a ‘1’ personal year you may experience new beginnings in jobs, relationships, leadership roles, being independent, creativity etc. You can of course experience these things in any year but there will be a greater emphasis on these circumstances during that particular year cycle.  When you experience a Personal Year that is the same as your Life Path number (or another of your core numbers), the year offers you many more experiences and opportunities. (to calculate your life path number refer to the end of this article)

1 Personal year – New beginnings and action. Don’t let your fears and insecurities hold you back. This is a year to embrace your individuality and independence to stand on your own two feet.  It’s time to plant the seeds for what you want to see grow and mature over the next nine years. This is a year for opportunities and beginnings that will present themselves in every avenue of your life.  By doing things your way rather than following the crowd will improve your chances for success.  The universe wants you to start doing new things so you should have a lot more energy. Don't hold back! 
2 Personal year – 2 is cooperation, harmony, peace and balance. Self-love and your relationships with others, the universe will support your relationships to become more balanced. This is a year to create harmony in your life by balancing intuition with logic, your home life with your work life, giving and receiving. Your emotions and intuition will be heightened, so protect your energy. Create a harmonious space by doing meditation, spending time in nature, listening to beautiful music and eating healthy foods.   This is also a good year to find love. 
3 Personal year – Communication and expression. This is a good year to speak your truth and express your feelings  through art, creative writing, journaling or any form of creative expression. The more you put yourself out there in a 3 personal year the more you will be supported by the universe. Emotions can be high so do not focus on the negative. 3 personal years are fun years, so socialise, make new friends, take a vacation, take part in joyful activities. Stay organised as you can experience scattered energy in a 3 year, so don't take on too many things at once by staying focused and grounded. 
4 Personal year – Building and planning. Putting systems into place to help improve your life. A 4 year is a more challenging year, you will be required to put in more work & effort towards goals, you will be more focused. It will bring more stability into all areas of your life - work, relationships, homelife etc. This is a good year to make renovations to your home in preparation for the sale, set up your business any groundwork that needs to be done to set yourself up for the following years. A good year to focus on your health. 
5 Personal year – Movement & change. An action packed year, full of expected &  unexpected change. After the previous year's challenges it is time to have some fun! This is a year of progress compared to the constraints of the previous year. You may desire to travel, experience life more, a 5 year you will meet new people, you may experience romance. Lots of change & transformation. Try to eliminate the drama and power plays in your life as 5 can be a scattered energy so try to remain focused, grounded and stable.  Also try not to overindulge by overeating, or drinking too much. 
6 Personal year – Responsibility & sacrifice. Your relationship with friends & family will require your attention. Spending more time with family or helping the community. Focus is on helping others, but do not forget to take care of yourself.    If you are in the healing arts or a service based career this is a great opportunity to be of service.  A year of personal growth, a good time if you are single to find love, you will feel more love during a 6 year. 
7 Personal year - Introspection & personal growth, getting to know yourself better. It's a favourable time to study, or do anything intellectual that interests you. Go within and find out what makes you happy, this is a year you can make big self improvements and will be supported by the universe.  Personal 7 years are often a time of spiritual awakening, a time for focusing within.  This is not a year for goal setting, you may not feel motivated to socialise as much. You will want to spend more time alone, more time in meditation and spending time in nature.

8 Personal year – Karmic justice & power. A year that focuses on business, career, property, finances and legal matters. Whatever you have been working towards for the past 8 years this is the year you should have a breakthrough.  Promotion, career, it's a good year to start a business, your vision and intuition will guide you. Sucess becomes easier so be generous with your money and time. 8 is a karmic year so there can also be a loss (e.g. bankruptcy) as the rewards are proportionate to the level of effort you put out the past 8 years. This is also a year to reclaim your personal power by asserting yourself when dealing with authority.
9 Personal year – Endings & completions. Whatever you have been struggling with over the past  8 years will be coming to an end this year. A major part of this year involves letting go of the things in your life that no longer serve you— e.g.  job, friendships, relationships, residence, mind-set or behaviour you may have out grown.  Problems can be solved & ended during this year, so tie up loose ends to make room for new beginnings. 9 is a humanitarian number so you may feel the need to serve/help others, family or community. People from the past may come back into your life during this year. 
11/2 Personal year – Illumination and higher learning. This is a Master number and includes all the attributes of a 2 personal year but offers further opportunities to reach a higher level of awareness. This will be a big year so expect the unexpected this year. A spiritual calling,  you can inspire people - light the way,  be a leader, powerful manifestor. It is also a year you can meet your twin flame.
22/4 Personal year – Accomplishment & transformation. Includes all the attributes of a 4 personal year but offers further opportunities to create, build, or promote something of importance. Big things will happen this year, it has the 4 energy so hard work will be involved. You may be challenged to build something stable in your life. It could be something that has to be pulled down or transformed in order for this restructure to take place. So, if something is being removed from your life don't panic as something better will replace it. This is also a good year for attracting, love, harmony & relationships.
33/6 Personal year - Creativity & Healing. Includes all the attributes of a 6 personal year but offers further opportunities to raise the vibration of the planet through service, creativity and compassion. This can be a challenging year, you will experience heightened creativity, you may be creating different projects or developing more creative talents this year. Also, a year for personal healing from trauma from the past and helping to heal others. You will be more connected to the divine and vibrating at a higher frequency of love & self love. Use this year to spread the love to the world around you.

How to Calculate your Life Path Number
Your Life Path number is the most significant number in your chart. It reveals what you are born to do and the lessons you have chosen to master in this lifetime. To find your life path number add the day, month and year of birth. All numbers are reduced to a single digit except for Master numbers 
11, 22 & 33.   
Example of calculation for life path number for the 25th November, 1971 - 2+5+11+1+9+7+1 = 27/9 Life path is a 9. See below.
7    + 11   + 18/9 = 27/9
25 /   11  /   1971 

I hope you have enjoyed this article. If you would like a full numerology report, please contact me below.

With Love & Light...Sue

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