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- Comes with Black CordYELLOW OBSIDIAN 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Approx. 40mmH (including bail) x 20mmWSelf-Esteem ~ Abundance ~ Protection ~ HealingSterling Silver Obsidian pendant, comes with satin pouch and information on the crystal. Obsidian is a strongly protective stone that helps to form a shield against negative forces. Obsidian comes in different colours, each with their own unique additional healing properties. Yellow Obsidian stimulates the third eye & solar plexus chakras, and works with stomach, intestines, muscle tissue and can also help prevent bacteria or viral infections. It is a helpful tool for those that do not feel confident that they are ready to pursue the true path they should follow. Yellow Obsidian is great for those lacking self-esteem and is a stone of abundance and prosperity.Comes with pictured cord approx 50mm

OBSIDIAN YELLOW - 925 Sterling Silver Pendant ~ Self-Esteem~Abundance~Protection

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