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otection from Negative energies only 4 left!SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN Crystal Chip BraceletGrounding ~ Security & Stability ~ Protection from Negative energiesSnowflake Obsidian is a very protective stone. Having this stone with you will give you a sense of security and stability. It will block and protect you from negative energies and help you stay balanced both in mind and body. The energies of Snowflake Obsidian will allow you to know your true self, and to be confident and secure about who you are. Excellent detoxification stone. It will help rid toxins that are preventing you from functioning 100% and even assist with weight loss. Snowflake Obsidian will keep you centered even when you are feeling overwhelmed.Comes with pouch and information about crystal

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN Crystal Chip Bracelet ~ Grounding ~ Security & Stability ~ Pr

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