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Staying in your Power

We have all seen so much change in a short period of time and our ability to remain independent, and to be able to move freely has been temporarily taken out of our control. During these stressful times fear sets in and we may even be coerced into doing things we would never normally consider doing, but for the sake of our family or for whatever personal reason we may

 consider making exceptions.  

So how do we stay true to ourselves during these difficult times? How do we stay centered and grounded? 

With all the fear and lies that surrounds us how do we see the truth? 

I have listed below some ways I personally separate myself from the drama without losing touch with the important things. We all have the power within us to make these subtle changes to make life easier to cope with.


There is no doubt about it, scientific evidence has proven the benefits of daily meditation can help the most stressful situations. Whether it is a guided meditation, or listening to calming music, it will not only assist with issues such as stress, anxiety, confusion, and concentration, but will also help you connect more to your Higher self/ Universal wisdom. Setting aside time every day either indoors or out in nature will soon have noticeable effects on your mind, body and spirit, and answers to long term questions.  

Turn off the News

Think how much more peaceful our minds would be during this stressful time if we were not tuned into the news numerous times throughout the day. This constant bombardment of fear, panic and deliberate confusion being broadcasted all day, every day. Simply make a conscious effort to not ALWAYS tune into the news, and instead do something that will help calm you rather than cause you more stress.

Heal Yourself

We do not need to be certified reiki healers to bring through healing light from the universe to heal ourselves. We can all visualise white light coming from the Divine and up from Mother earth, see and feel the light going into every cell of our body. We are all divine beings and self-healing is something we all have the ability to do. It’s all about your intent, you just have to believe.  There is also nothing more healing than going out into nature, into the sun to heal ourselves. Walking, jogging, swimming, just being near trees, lakes the ocean are all very healing to our body, mind and soul.  


Get your head out of your thoughts with daily grounding. Whether it be walking barefoot, or lying on the earth, grounding will help quieten a busy mind, help reduce pain and inflammation, improve sleep, anxiety and so much more.  

Law of Attraction

How important is it to be mindful of our thoughts? Every second of every day we are like human magnets, sending out our thoughts and emotions and attracting back MORE of what we have put out. If we are constantly spewing out negative emotions the universe thinks ‘oh she/he must want more of that’ and that’s exactly what you get back. If we are in constant fear of what will happen next, we will get back more things to worry about, if we say things like ‘why does all this horrible stuff keep happening to me’ ‘why do I have such bad luck’, once again we will be attracting more of the same. Keep an eye on your thoughts and when you find yourself thinking on the negative, bring in a positive thought. Retrain your brain with positive thoughts. 


Practicing daily gratitude can not only ease symptoms of anxiety and depression but it tells the universe what you want more of. Even when you are thankful for the simplest things you are saying ‘yes please bring me more’.  

Lastly, try not to disempower yourself by buying into the fear, have faith that the light will triumph over the darkness. We are spiritual beings having a human experience so hold your light. Have compassion for anyone who does not agree with your way of thinking, or who may think you have lost your mind because you no longer agree with them.  They are also trying to cope the best way they can.

With Love & Lig​ht...Sue

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