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New Moon in Aries and Solar Eclipse

There will be an Aries new moon and solar eclipse on Thursday 20th April, 2023 at 2.12pm (AEST). This may be a revealing time with extreme energies, so try to stay centered and grounded during this intense time.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth and blocks all the sun's light.

The intensity of this event will encourage us to take action, to do something different to change our reality. This will be the last big push to let go of anything that is holding us back so we can set goals for the months ahead. We have the opportunity to move forward and change our reality. Aries are passionate, determined, confident, leaders, courageous and fiery, so we will find it easier to take charge of a new project or be assertive. What do you need to release in order to move forward with this new moon eclipse energy?

It may be worth noting that eclipses can be a time of chaotic energy, so it might be a good time to hold off on any new moon rituals at the moment. This of course is totally up to you, alternatively you could use this period for rest, reflection and planning.


I have drawn the JUDGEMENT card for this new moon/solar eclipse . This card often refers to following one’s calling, to follow your path .To take action! It can also indicate a time of spiritual awakening, after a period of self-reflection. You are gaining a higher perspective, a new way of thinking. You are now aware of what you need to change to make positive moves forward to change your life or heed a call to follow your path.

There may be a need for self-reflection in your love life. Things that you overlooked in the past may need to be addressed. If so, now is the time to make adjustments. 

A period of awakening could occur in your career or business. Again make the time to seek out where the changes need to be made. 

Happy New Moon... Blessings  Sue ❤️ 

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