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Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

19th November 2021 - 7.57pm AEDT

The November full moon /partial eclipse will be a very energetic time, you may feel the energies in the days leading up to the full moon. The energies from this partial lunar eclipse will be felt up to the next 6 months. Many people may be very sensitive to these energies as everything is magnified and amplified with the lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses bring things to light, things that may have been hidden, so there will be huge shifts and sudden endings. If possible, It is best to rest and stay grounded during these powerful waves of energy. Also look at what is important to you regarding relationships, values, finances, safety and security and think of ways to make any changes if necessary. 

Also releasing any belief systems or thought patterns that no longer serve you will help you move forward. 

  - Crystals you can use during this Full Moon -

You can use crystals to meditate with during the full moon, to make a grid, wear or carry with you


Moonstone—is great for working with lunar energy at any moon phase, it helps you tap into your intuition.

Black moonstone would work well with this partial lunar eclipse.  


Helps you to connect with the full moon energy. 


Labradorite—Is powerful for tuning into full moon energy and bringing powerful transformation.


Emerald—is the traditional birth stone for Taurus and is good for relationships and finances

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz—as this is a Taurean full moon and Venus is about love and relationships, beautiful rose quartz with work with the heart chakra.


Carnelian—as Taurus is a fixed sign, carnelian brings courage, confidence and helps people to take action.  

 - Crystals for Grounding - 

There are many different crystals you can use for grounding, some suggestions are;- 

Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Hematite 

I carry most of these crystals in my shop. Click below, and enquire in the 'search field' for availability 

Essential Oils

Essentials oils can also be of great benefit during this period for grounding, uplifting energies and sensuality. 

You can blend together or use individually. They can be diffused or used with an oil burner, Some suggestions would be:-

For grounding and to repel negativity - Vetiver, Frankincense or Cederwood (with this full moon we will need extra grounding)

Taurean energy is very sensual - Ylang Ylang, Lavender or Rose. Patchouli will bring love & peace and guards against negativity.

To Uplift and open up to opportunities - Sweet Orange, Lemon or spearmint.    

Tarot Card

The tarot card I have drawn for this full moon is the Ace of Cups.

The planet that rules Taurus is Venus (planet of love, marriage, beauty, pleasure and money), so the Ace of cups fits in perfectly with this Taurus full moon reading. Love, new relationships, creativity all fall under the Ace of Cups. The appearance of this card can often relate to a new relationship entering into your life, or you may have the opportunity to make some loving relationships/friendships during this period. This can include a strong spiritual love and compassion for others. You have the opportunity to shine your light out into the world! All Aces represent new beginnings, so you have the chance to start opening up to new possibilities. 

In some readings this card can indicate pregnancy or birth.    

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