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Card Reveal for Monday 2nd August, 2021

It is the first week of August which means the Lion’s Gate Portal is open and is showering us with cosmic energy. This is a great time for manifestation, to enhance love, and transformation. This happens every year when the earth aligns with the star system Sirius. This period is from the end of July until the 12th of August, the energies peaking on the 8th of August – which is known as ~8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal~ 

I have drawn 3 cards from the Sirian Starseed Tarot 

Ace of Crystals

The Ace of Crystals signifies a new and prosperous beginning. If you have been drawn to this card there is an opportunity coming for you in the way of career, financial matters or anything that relates to security and stability in your life. You may receive an offer of a new job or even an unexpected windfall. This card also signifies the beginning of new possibilities, you are starting to manifest new goals in your life, and the potential to plan for a new and exciting future. It can also refer to abundance in every part of your life, such as love, happiness, and health. Being positive and grateful will ultimately attract more abundance into your everyday life. If you are open to the power of crystals, they can also be used to help manifest abundance when you work with them energetically. 

Seeker of Chalices 

The seeker is a youthful energy who needs guidance. The suit of chalices represents the element water so you may find yourself in a situation of emotional highs and lows of life, as the moods of the element water can rise and fall like the tides. You may be having feelings of joy and happiness or emotional lows such as sadness or sorrow. This could be a period where you feel out of your depth with a situation, or you are going through something like a 'spiritual awakening'. This does not necessarily refer to a young person, you may simply feel unprepared, and need guidance on matters such as relationships, love, or an emotional upheaval in your life. This card can also represent messages, intuition or a new opportunity coming your way, so pay attention to your dreams - keep a journal by your bed. This is also a message to embrace your inner child and enjoy your journey.   

Sage of Crystals

The suit of crystals deals with everything on the physical realm – our health, home, career, wealth and possessions. The Sage of crystals represents being a mother, she has a deep understanding of her suit (crystals – the element earth) she is a leader and offers guidance. This may represent someone in your life who you can turn to for support or to help you through a difficult situation, or this may represent a part of you that helps others. Alternatively, if you were drawn to this card you may be being asked to take better care of yourself especially in the area of self-love. You may need to exercise more, eat more healthy foods or just get more rest. This may also be a reminder to take better care of your finances or domestic responsibilities. Also practicing the law of attraction, the daily routine of gratitude for what you already have, is the best way attract more abundance in your life.

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