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ubt & Fear, Powerful Throat HealerBlue Lace Agate 925 Sterling Silver PendantCalming Peaceful Energy, Eliminates Self-doubt & Fear, Powerful Throat HealerApprox 40mm x 25mm - Comes with bonus black cord (approx 50mm in length) and a pouchThis elegant Blue Lace Agate double terminator pendant comes with black cord (approx 50mm in length). Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healing stone that has a soft calming energy bringing peace of mind. Helps to release repressed self-expression that stems from the fear of rejection and judgement. Neutralizes anger, infection, inflammation and fever. Helps to eliminate self-doubt and fear. Powerful throat healer; thyroid & lymph infection also helps with arthritic and bone deformity.

Blue Lace Agate 925 Silver Pendant ~ Calming Peaceful Energy, Eliminates Self-do

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